Your first class is on us, just make an appointment to receive the free trial session. The classes that we offer are tailored to the individual so that no matter what age, gender or fitness level you will be able to enjoy and improve your health. Our Online Pilates Classes are suitable for people with injuries or specific needs such as pregnancy. If you have any medical conditions please declare them before your first session so that we may cater to them in the class.

If you are new to Pilates we recommend that your first sessions are Pilates Private Classes. Your instructor will introduce you to the principles of the Pilates technique developed by Joseph Pilates and designed to tone, realign and reshape the body. Each session at the Pilates Connection is built to suit your individual needs and every relationship is taken by the instructors as a two-way, long-term partnership. We aim to grow with our clients so we can happily say in the years to come that majority of our clientele keep coming back for more.