Pilates & Ballet Guru

Prior to my move back to South Africa, I owned and co-directed a Pilates/Ballet studio. The studio was based in the U.S Virgin Islands which was established in 1992. I have been an international and residential guest instructor, lecturer and guru in both genres since 1995. My certifications include Pilates mat, Allegro, studio and rehab with Polestar Pilates (Miami). Certified through Pilates elder Lolita San Miguel. Similarly, I am also a member and certified instructor with Pilates Method Alliance.

Due to being a Breast Cancer survivor myself. I hold a special interest in postoperative therapy. Which consequently led me to work toward a certificate in rehab/recovery for breast cancer patients with the Pink Ribbon Program. I also work with dancers suffering from injuries. Including overuse or those that are in special need for their profession. My certifications with ballet training are Fellowship and Final Diploma with Cecchetti I.S.T.D. and Cecchetti U.S.A. Additionally, I hold a teachers and examiners qualification from the United Kingdom Teachers of Dance.

I am familiar and experienced in adjudication with various types and styles of dance and have adjudicated in regional capacities in the United States, Caribbean, England and South Africa. I am extremely happy to be back in South Africa and I look forward to continuing my work with the community. Which allows me to share my ballet and Pilates expertise and experience with those in need. Or with those just enjoying the pleasures, both genres can offer.

“Change happens through movement and movement heals.”

-Joseph Pilates

Pilates Elders

People who were students of the creator of Pilates (Joseph Pilates). Have the title of Pilates elder. Only a few of those elders went on to start their own studios and teach the Pilates method. Consequently, many of those elders are very well known names in Pilates today. As a result, most Pilates teachers can track their Pilates family back to one of these elder students. Learn more about the Elders who shaped the way Pilates spread through the world.

Member of: F.I.S.T.D. F.C.U.S.A.

The Pink Ribbon Program
Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher