Personal Growth

Born in France Nathalie Sarrade travelled to South Africa to learn English. The first thing she did when she stood foot in South Africa was to sign up at the gym. Since then, it has been her favourite thing in South Africa for the last 12 years now. As a result, Nathalie Sarrade studied her comprehensive Pilates course to become a certified Pilates instructor. Nathalie has instructed Pilates and many other disciplines during her tenure over the years.

These disciplines include teaching various boot camps, callisthenics, ballroom and latin american dancing. Nathalie has completed additional certification in Aerial Yoga, nutrition coaching and massage therapy, at her time at Pilates Connection. The Pilates methods that Nathalie applied are STOTT Pilates and BASI Pilates with a specialised interest in weight loss, upper body strengthening and knee injuries.

Nathalie’s favourite thing about the health and fitness industry would be to know exactly which exercises to do for the benefit of the body. Including what to do and not to do when it comes to fitness. Including understanding body and muscle movement. But most of all helping clients work towards their physical fitness goals.

“Pilates is not about being better than someone else – it’s about being better than you used to be.”

– Joseph Pilates

Mind & Body Strength

There are 3 things that Nathalie is most proud of in life. Firstly, her daughter and her husband. Secondly, becoming a vegan. Lastly always trying to better herself physically and mentally.

Pilates Connection is as unique as its owner, Nadia Nikolova, she reflects the energy at this studio. Young, but mature, persistent and driven, firm, but yet compassionate. Trust is especially important in a studio and Nathalie finds that Pilates Connection has built exceptional trust with trainers and clients. She likes that, she was encouraged to follow through with her Aerial Yoga course and built an entire studio for it. She likes that the instructors train each other, run, practice and better themselves together and many more…