About Nathalie

Nathalie is an experienced Pilates and Aerial Yoga instructor, with a passion for helping others improve their physical health. She obtained her Pilates qualification in 2015 and she is also a ballroom and Latin American dancer, a qualified sports masseuse and personal trainer.

For Nathalie, Pilates is an essential part of life, much like drinking water. Recognizing the immense benefits, she is committed to sharing its transformative power with her clients. What fills her cup is seeing the progress her clients make every day. Through unique movements and exercises, Nathalie helps individuals combat day-to-day bad postural habits, teaching them the art of moving their bodies in the right way and strengthening them to enhance their overall well-being.

Beyond Pilates, Nathalie finds inspiration and fulfilment with Aerial Yoga. The graceful combination of yoga and the hammocks brings a new dimension to her teaching. Aerial yoga allow her to merge strength, flexibility, and creativity, offering her clients an opportunity to explore new heights—literally and metaphorically, while having fun.

She is dedicated to helping individuals achieve their wellness goals, improve their posture, and embrace mindful movement.

Outside the studio, Nathalie finds solace and enrichment in the world of books.

She is an ardent advocate for animal protection. She wholeheartedly believes in the ethical treatment of all living beings and actively supports organizations dedicated to animal welfare.

“Pilates is not about being better than someone else – it’s about being better than you used to be.”

– Joseph Pilates

Pilates Connection is as unique as its owner, Nadia Nikolova, she reflects the energy at this studio. Young, but mature, persistent and driven, firm, but yet compassionate. Trust is especially important in a studio and Nathalie finds that Pilates Connection has built exceptional trust with trainers and clients. She likes that, she was encouraged to follow through with her Aerial Yoga course and built an entire studio for it. She likes that the instructors train each other, run, practice and better themselves together and many more…